Sulaco EP

by Sulaco

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released June 7, 2003

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Watchmen Studios by Doug White



all rights reserved


Sulaco Rochester, New York

Formed in 2002, Rochester NY's Sulaco incorporates elements of death metal, grindcore, progressive rock, hardcore, doom, and noise rock into their songs. They aren't trying to fit in, or be the next big thing. To date the band has releases on Relapse Records, Bloated Goat Records, Willowtip Records and Handshake Inc. ... more


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Track Name: Patience Worn Thin
Fight your way through the crowd and devour the head of the fortunate one
screaming lets gag him until we can get away
covering up the tracks
marks from my past
broken down
body must not be found
on your knees, problems getting what I need, minutes turn into hours
we must make him talk
make him talk or leave him for dead
no stop you can’t keep running away
others will be hunting you down
now tortured he has spoken against the wills and wishes in demand
breaking down the difficult
ridding the soul of an empty man
the sad story is over genius reduced to retard
your kids would be proud
the sad story is over genius reduced to retard
Track Name: Cry Me A River
How can your days be so dark when the sun shines so bright
then leave quietly cry me a river
no one hears all your cries
sad boy dry your, dry your eyes
where’s the keys to the car
I’ll wait 'til your crawling
to run you down
cursing til I’m blue in the face
humorous subtle discipline slapping you silly
the water is filling up too fast
don’t let the current drag you under
guess I’ll watch you drown, in your tears.
Track Name: Follow The Cloud
Follow the cloud of sweet love
Hop on and take a ride an all day get away
This is never too much, crystals gleaming in the sun
Of a bag of shit three balls of fast orange
with some brew should be cool
where will I go I really don’t know (line edited out to fit the song)
two for one down the road
flowers plenty of fun to go around
don’t pick a bean
how did it get to this
Track Name: Motion In The Grid
Everything is so green
this trail leads to solitude beauty
with light and envy
the mind not empty
pining is it good or is it great
stop and soak it in
mind bending beauty
life is so green
motion in the grid
no way that can be
there’s motion in the grid
I think I’m going to fall again
dilated staring of into space
this trip is well indeed
blue and red they are my little friends
breathing walls and sore jaws
keep that mirror away.