Build and Burn

by Sulaco

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released October 25, 2011

Recorded at Watchmen Studios (eng: Doug White) and Tribar Audio (eng: Lon Hackett)
Mixed by Neil Kernon
Mastered by Alan Douches
Artwork by Jason Schulmerich
Layout by David Hall



all rights reserved


Sulaco Rochester, New York

Formed in 2002, Rochester NY's Sulaco incorporates elements of death metal, grindcore, progressive rock, hardcore, doom, and noise rock into their songs. They aren't trying to fit in, or be the next big thing. To date the band has releases on Relapse Records, Bloated Goat Records, Willowtip Records and Handshake Inc. ... more


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Track Name: On The Fence
do i lift
do i lift a finger
and make the call
do i really care enough
on the fence
back and forth
some sweet shit
what to do
story tellers
getting sleepy
my ears
they hurt
i can’t
hear you anymore
Track Name: Build and Burn
don’t even say what you don’t mean
please don’t even bother to look this way
the vines have been kind
cluing me in
on the hijinks in question
it’s weak fill
my ears
with shit
and then
shake my hand
while you burn
he will build
i know it’s heavy
get up and prove me wrong
a grim scene indeed
glad it’s not me
the haze and the crazy burning
sweating through the days
do it you won’t
too bad for you
so sorry for you
i must find the next supply
i cannot fill
as hard as i try
Track Name: Dingy Metropolis
we keep on living
drinking and burning
all fingers are pointing
don’t want to fall
the devil we need
i can’t keep these vices
got a hold
Track Name: Corridor
pick the lock
i’m walking slow
it’s the creaky floor
the corridor
what’s it for
what is it for
the more the sore
it all points to the door
it points to the door
open again my old friend
i won’t leave you
Track Name: Make A Move
make a move
full speed
left in the dust
keep the pace
on top of the world
it starts to creep
and so does doubt
this focus thing
Track Name: The Approach
come back down
where the clowns are
i know you
may not think so
but you’re one too
i have a thought
i have another
i have a thought
i think i’ll act on it
i have another
would you take care of this
can’t be that heavy
do they even
work anymore
do they even work
anymore anyway
Track Name: It's Over Johnny
hands and knees
i’m begging please
forgive me
i can’t breathe
creep my way
and stand eye to eye
it’s not over
it’s never over
you just can’t turn it off
there’s too much going on
i can’t see straight
my heads going to explode
all over the place
i think you know what i need
ease up the pace a bit